Take your Virtual Expos & Trade Shows to the next level

Offer exhibitors flexible networking, engagement, and revenue-generating features to showcase their products & services 

Discover the Power of Virtual Expos with Our Cutting-Edge Features

Unlock endless opportunities with our cutting-edge features

Interactive Virtual Booths
Showcase products and services with customizable booths. Engage visitors with interactive tools.
Showcase products and services
Create a lasting impression with interactive, 3D virtual booths and boost your reach & sales.
Live Chat and Video
Communicate with exhibitors, attendees and colleagues through instant messaging and video conferencing.
Analyze Performance
Track event success with detailed reports on visitors, booths, and engagement. Make data-driven decisions.

Effortlessly perform events and achieve impressive results

Offer exhibitors flexible networking, engagement, and revenue-generating features to showcase their products & services.
Promote Brand USP...
Showcase your unique selling points and build brand recognition.
Interactive 3D design...
Use 3D design to create an immersive lobby, exhibit hall, and auditorium.

Enhance ROI and showcase your brand's USPs with customized Expo Booths

Provide your exhibitors with the ability to customize their booths that results in their brand growth.
Boost Visitor Engagement with Brochures and Flyers

Add brochures and flyers to the booth to enhance the visitor experience and increase conversions

Maximize Outreach: Distribute Marketing Materials at Your Booth

Hand out your attendees visiting cards and brochures to spread the word about your company

Maximize Your Brand's Visibility with Customized Stages and Layouts

Incorporate branding directly into the stage banners, layouts, and stage backgrounds

Unique Features
Interactive Engagement: Boost Attendee Participation

Drive more engagement with attendees through interactive features like Q&A, Polls, Surveys, etc.

Organize Virtual Expo that takes your goals off the ground

Virtualize your ordinary expos with innovative capabilities

Live Attendee Engagement

Foster interactive and meaningful conversations with attendees through our engagement tools.

Seamless Event Management

Experience hassle-free event management with our streamlined and user-friendly platform.

Maximize Reach and Exposure

Monitor the success of your virtual event with our data-driven insights and analytics.

Get convenience on-the-go with the ExpoSim App

Get seamless access to your events, engage with attendees and make informed decisions, all from your smartphone.

Host your Hybrid Event Virtual Expo Conference Virtual ‎Job Fair‎‎  with ExpoSim

“ We are so thankful to ExpoSim for making our online events a huge success by offering an exclusive and seamless experience for our audience with its easy navigation and customization options. ExpoSim's innovative technology and exceptional customer service exceeded our expectations, and we will continue to recommend it within and outside our organization.”
Prateek Chatterjee
Senior VP - Corporate Communications & Marketing, NIIT Limited
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