Cancellation & Refund Policy

Last updated on March 05, 2023.

Upon choosing the cancellation of Your existing plan or service that the User or the Host has opted for or the access or use of the Platform/ Services, the termination of the use of services shall be governed by the applicable SAAS agreement and as mentioned in the cancellation and refund policy terms below, except for those clauses which are intended to survive:


  • When the Host or Organizer chooses to opt out of the services of the platform owing to specific reason(s), he may perform the same from his/her event dashboard by agreeing to the terms and agreements of the cancellation policy.   

  • After purchasing a plan or service of the platform and providing the necessary details, the plan is effective from the same date until the end date or expiration date of the overall plan. It should be noted, however, that if the Host chooses to cancel the plan or subscription, the cancellation policy will be effective from the day of cancellation, but the plan will remain active until it expires. For example, if the plan is purchased on 26th November 2022, but canceled within one month of purchase, then the plan will be active up to 26th November 2023, after which it will become inactive.  

  • After the expiration or the last date of the purchased plan, a free plan will be activated in the User’s account that will comprise the free plan service and features provided by the platform. During the free plan, the User or Host will be able to get access to the data of events created in the past.  

  • Once the Host requests a cancellation, the platform’s team will review the account activity and if we, during our evaluation, find any breach of our Terms of Use, we may report any breach of these Terms to law enforcement authorities and we will cooperate with such authorities by disclosing Your or Your Users’ identity, and providing any information about You and Your Users within our systems to them.  

  • Upon cancellation, the User or the Host Content will be available to You for a period of no more than six months, i.e.180 days from the effective date of cancellation in order to allow for downloading of any Customer/ User Content. After such a period, the User Content, subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy, will be automatically deleted by us unless we are required to retain the same in accordance with applicable laws. Failure to download/copy any or all of the Customer/User Content within this time frame will not give You the right to hold us liable for such deletion or loss of information. 

  • The cancellation of your plan or subscription, as well as your User’s Account implies that the plan or subscription you had opted for will no longer be active, implying that you will not be able to access the services or features offered by the plan or subscription that you had chosen. You will, however, still be able to access platform features and services according to your subscription or plan, provided that the platform has not suspended or deleted your account.

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