An event is all about experiences. The experience of not just attending sessions or exhibition booths or meeting new people but also the recreational experience of travelling to new places and exploring new geographies, eating out at new diners, shopping at new places, watching local sports and much more.

As more & more events are going virtual/hybrid, sadly the experience of those events are still far from the reality of physical events. At ExpoSim, our mission has been to make these virtual/hybrid event experiences lifelike and that is exactly how we are disrupting the industry with is a virtual universe (Metaverse) built around events and other things. A user of will attend virtual/hybrid events and earn tokens which they will then be able to redeem to engage with other elements in the Metaverse such as, but not limited to, playing games, shopping of physical & virtual goods, purchasing tickets of live matches that are being streamed inside the Metaverse and many other such activities.

Our vision for is gargantuan and we cannot alone build this world. We need a lot of backers like yourself to support us in our vision by either purchasing land inside the or by creating assets for Companies will then be able to use your land & assets to organise their events in

Come join us in this journey of creating a bigger better future together!!

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