About us

Our Story

When we started ExpoSim, we wanted to give people an offline event experience in the virtual world and to organizers the freedom to personalize their events, a strong engagement plan, and an event setup that they can do on their own.

ExpoSim was born with an idea to infuse all these features into virtual and hybrid events.

ExpoSim’s virtual event platform aims at empowering businesses by offering them an easy, no-code DIY platform. Our platform helps you hyper-personalize your event, while also giving you a plethora of options to engage your audience. Our platform presents a suite of microservices that help organizers manage an end-to-end virtual/hybrid event from a single place.

Why ExpoSim?

One-on-One Networking


Interactive Exhibitor Booths

Amazing Virtual Auditoriums

Easy Event Setup

Engagement Like Real-World

Sponsor Showcase

Post-event analytics and recordings

Compatible with desktop, laptop, and mobile devices


Events hosted


Hours of content streamed



Our Team

Someone wisely said, “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much”. And we strongly agree.

Pranay Wankhede
Product Manager
Shikha Rakha
Venue Designer & Architect
Batul Mamaji
Customer Success Manager
Mukul Tajane
Customer Success Executive
Kafeel Ahmed
Senior 3D Visualizer

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